Qatar's Position

Peaceful Dialogue

A Call for Dialogue

Qatar believes that dialogue and discussion should serve as the basis for resolving international conflicts.

In line with our foreign policy, we have been consistent in calling for peaceful dialogue as the only means to end the current crisis.

Since the blockading countries severed relations with Qatar on 5 June 2017, Qatar has repeatedly called for dialogue, while the blockaders have refused to engage.

Qatari Perseverance

While the goals of the blockade were to divide the Qatari people and disrupt our economy, the opposite has occurred. The blockade has inspired national pride and patriotism in Qatar, giving the Qatari people a chance to show the world what we stand for and what we believe in. As High Highness the Emir said: “We are proud of our history, but what happened in June 2017 has strengthened us and pushed us to work more for the country.”

Qatar’s economy has shown resilience and has successfully adjusted to the blockade; for companies in Qatar, it is business as usual. Exports have not been impacted, and not a single shipment of Liquefied Natural Gas has been missed. In fact, the blockade has been a catalyst for Qatar to accelerate its ambitious reforms, driving forward our economic policy of openness and diversification.

The blockade has made Qatar stronger, the people of Qatar stronger, and our businesses stronger. The Qatari economy is robust, our nation is resilient, and we will weather this blockade, however long it lasts.

Media Freedom

Qatar supports media freedom and the right to free speech. Unfortunately, the blockading countries do not share our vision for freedom of expression in the region.

Qatar rejects the demand to close down Al Jazeera, a media platform that stands out as an independent source of information in a region dominated by state-controlled media. Al Jazeera consistently promotes different opinions for millions of individuals on the Arabian Peninsula, throughout the Middle East and around the world.

Qatar believes that independent journalism contributes to public awareness and increased citizen engagement. Qatar further believes that independent journalism helps keep authorities accountable and promotes good governance. Our country is proud of the Al Jazeera network, and of Qatar’s role in pioneering independent journalism in the Middle East.